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Astrocartography Relocation

For 30+ years, Dr. Stephen Byers has helped countless clients relocate and enjoy a much better life.  He can find your "Paradise" -- where you achieve the most.  If you can move -- across the street or around the world -- he can help you find exactly where to "have it all."  If you can not, or do not want to move, he can still help you improve your local circumstances (using his unique Local Space Maps).

Use his expertise to pinpoint where you will have the best opportunities / resources possible to make your dreams and goals finally come true.

  • find a great job with $ and success
  • meet someone "special" (love, marriage and family)
  • buy a home (invest in real estate)
  • start a business (achieve success in business)
  • retire in style ("vacation-for-a-lifetime")
  • find happiness, purpose and spiritual contentment
  • find the best college to attend (achieve in science, arts, sports)
  • recover / improve your health (medical treatments)

Now you can ask any question & get immediate answers!   Schedule your Astrocartography Consultation today and get the answers you need!

Get the best possible information

The best way to reach your goal, is with an Astrocartography Consultation.   Stephen will personally work with you to select one or more areas appropriate to your goal.  Stephen will be glad to discuss how he can help you reach your goals. Fill in the form below to schedule your Astrocartography Reading today and get the answers you need!

Astrocartography Reading

Please complete the form below to request your Astrocartography Reading.   Stephen will quickly contact you by email after he has received your $90 deposit with more information on scheduling your consultation.  You must be 21 years of age and have a valid credit card in your name to order this service.

Get answers to your locational questions from one of the best locational astrologers in the world!   Stephen's Astrocartography Consultation is based on the most advanced techniques available anywhere.


Stephen offers special introductory packages for new clients at reduced rates.  These first time packages save you 25% on the per-minute charge for consultation.  The more time you order initially, the more you save!

  • Preparation Fee (USD):
    --- $90 for one person
    --- $180 for couples

  • Consultation for one (1) person:
    --- 90 min consult = $270
    --- Prep Fee = $90
    --- Total = $360

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