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Finding Your Birth Time

If you do not know your birth time, the positions of your astrocartography belt-lines can not be determined.   The accuracy of your birth time is also important.   It may help to know that, on average, for each 4 minutes of error in your birth time, your belts will be off true position by roughly ~50 miles distance in the U.S.

If you were born in the US, you can obtain your birth time from your birth certificate.  Hospitals have been required by law to record the time of birth since 1902.  Contact your home Town/City Hall, Bureau of Vital Statistics (or Bureau of Births/Deaths)  to obtain a copy of your birth certificate.   You must specifically request your birth TIME be listed on the copy of the certificate, otherwise it may not be included.

If you already have a birth certificate WITHOUT the time, you MAY be able to "sweet talk" someone at your home Town Hall into telling you JUST your time (plus AM or PM) immediately over the phone, but don't count on it. (Town halls have been sued by bio-parents for letting adopted kids search to find bio-parents.)

Astrocartography FAQ

Hand Illustrated Astrocartography Maps

Your astrocartography belt-lines and areas represent very complex cosmic energies.   These vary incredibly in size, power and concentration.   To help you easily understand your map, Stephen draws these influences by hand using color variation and width to accurately represent the true power you will experience.

Since the precise width and concentration of your astrocartography belts varies so greatly, Stephen carefully analyzes your individual or combined horoscope to evaluate your belts as "Strong," "Moderate," or "Weak Influence."   This makes the quality of his advice the best in the world possible.

Furthermore, to help you make the absolute BEST decisions, Stephen offer Shared, Select and Secondary belt information on your astrocartography maps.   Stephen invented these amazing techniques years ago.   No one else in the world offers all three types of influences, as far as we know.   Powerful, unique, critical, factual information you can use to improve your life to the maximum.

Exacting Calculations

Stephen powerful graphic mapping software can very accurately calculate where the exact geographic locations of your astrocartography belt-lines and areas are.   If you have an accurate birth time, Stephen can precisely determine that, for example, your Sun-conjunct-Midheaven belt lies at 7822'54" West longitude.

Maximizing benefit

Although Stephen can precisely determine the location of your astrocartography belt-lines, the exact width and "concentration" of each belt is an educated guess.   Consequently Stephen recommend you do a little exploring within the belt areas you like.   This way you will quickly discover your ideal location within the area you like -- we suspect with divine/karmic guidance ! 

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