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Stephen makes every effort to deliver quality astrological and astrocartographic products and services. If you feel that a product or service does not meet your expectations, contact us for a no questions asked refund. Daily Love Horoscope is confident that you will find value in Stephen's astrological and astrocartographic products and services. We make this unconditional offer as a show of good faith and trust in the ethical behavior of all people.

Your astrological or astrocartographic product or service will generally be sent by email or delivered directly by telephone within 72 hours (excluding holidays). Stephen will respond to every request as soon as possible.  Stephen makes every effort to meet your needs and looks forward to helping everyone as soon as possible

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Our astrologer -- Stephen Byers has provided confidential astrological consulting and counseling to thousands of clients since 1975.  Stephen offers astrological counseling on a wide range of personal, business and family issues. Stephen is pleased to have helped so many people improve their lives and hopes the advice you obtain here is helpful to you as well.

Stephen's unique services have successfully empowered people from all walks of life. Stephen's clear, useful and precise astrological insights and forecasts are the key to a better life. The most popular services are:

  • Personal Counseling and Consulting
    Natal Horoscope "Reading,"
    Personal Forecasts
    Relocational Astrocartography Consulting

  • Love and Romantic Advice
    Relationships (Attraction / Compatibility "Reading")
    Shared True Love Map (astrocartography for two)

  • Business and Career Consultation
    Goals, Strategies and Tactics
    In-person / Phone Counseling & Consulting
    Astrocartography for business

Stephen has developed his own advanced astrology software programs and techniques. Many years of research and development have produced exclusive scientific tools for the benefit of Stephen's clientele. These tools provide more accurate and useful information than is normally available.

Stephen brings the experience, training and dedication to insure that you get the best astrological services available in the world. Stephen is a graduate of Yale University (B.S., 1971), Cologne University (A.B., 1970) in Germany and the Mayo School of Astrology, also known as the Faculty of Astrological Studies, in London, England (DFAS, 1975, co-grad).

Stephen's counseling is founded on the positive psychology of Dr. Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs Family Education Association. He has discussed astrology and life in numerous radio, television, print media and lecture appearances in the Americas and Europe, being fairly fluent in four languages.

In his personal life, he is a fortunate and proud parent and contributes to numerous community service efforts. He considers "Conversations with God, book 3" by Neale Donald Walsch to be the latest in powerful influences on his life so far. He is an accomplished athlete, having tried out for the Olympics in gymnastics in 1969, and has taught social ballroom dance professionally since 1997. He has been a contented vegetarian, avid gardener and wood-craftsman since 1973.

From 1991 to the present, Stephen has developed and guided StarWise Communications, Inc., a unique Internet/telephone business using astrology and practical wisdom to happily match and advise people on love, friendship and other personal issues.

Stephen brings this vast knowledge of the heart, mind, body and soul to help clients all over the world. See Astro-Advice for more information about the products and services available from this unique individual. In keeping with Stephen's dedication to ethical conduct, all the products and services available from our web site are unconditionally guaranteed.

See Stephen's Chart - See Daily Love Horoscope's Chart


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