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Personal Relationship Readings

If you have ever thought about having your own Personal Consultation with a Professional Astrologer, now is your chance!  Now you can ask your important questions and get immediate answers and amazing StarWise advice!

Learn exactly what to do to enjoy / improve your life even more:

  • Are you wondering how to improve your relationship...
  • Would you enjoy more happiness, a better job and more money...
  • Is your health or family situation in need of improvement...

Couples / Family Relationship Reading

Stephen has over 30 years of experience counseling couples and families.  Learn how to improve every aspect of your home and family life.  Stephen prepares special combined charts that illuminate your relationships in 3-D reality.  No other Astrologer uses these advanced techniques to understand the complex dynamics of your life and relationships.  

Now you can ask any question & get immediate answers!  Learn more about Stephen Interactive process or  Schedule your Relationship Reading today and get the answers you need!

Stephen's inter-active process

This is the "elite" quality effort that Astrologer Stephen Byers does in your Relationship Reading.  Through a process of inter-active discussions with you, the following steps are accomplished:

Personal History Outline:
The key events from your past are identified and "connected" to the astrological patterns "causing" them.

Current Personal Goals & Status:
Your current hopes/desires for your future are identified, as well as the conditions of your life now.   Both are "connected" to the astrological patterns "causing" them.

Advice & Future Forecast:
Precise recommendations on maximizing your opportunities, over both the short- and long-runs, are provided.   They are explained by referencing them to "similar" events in your past (e.g. "next month will be similar to the Spring of 1997 when 'abc' happened and you did 'wxy' to best take advantage of it--now this time, however, you should also do "z" as well.").   Updates may be done as needed and his advice is "improved" based on your essential feedback and changing events.

Get the best possible relationship astrology advice

So how do you get the best possible information…

Order your Relationship Reading with Stephen today.   Stephen will bring his 30 years of experience and his unique 3-D analysis to bear on any question you may ask.   Find out about yourself, your relationships or even where to move to achieve your heart's desire.

Stephen has already helped thousands of clients like you with his powerful astrological wisdom and insight into your past, present and future potential!    As a recent client, Sanja, said in her letter to Stephen, "I feel as if you've removed a curtain in front of my eyes, so I can now see into the future!"

Relationship Reading

Please complete the form below to request your relationship Reading.   Stephen will quickly contact you by email after he has received your $90 deposit with more information on scheduling your consultation.  You must be 21 years of age and have a valid credit card in your name to order this service.

Get answers to your difficult questions from one of the best astrologers in the world!   Stephen's wise advice and key information lets you quickly enjoy more from your life.


Stephen offers special introductory packages for new clients at reduced rates.  These first time packages save you 25% on the per-minute charge for consultation.  The more time you order initially, the more you save!

  • Preparation Fee (USD):
    --- $90 for one person
    --- $180 for couples

  • Consultation for one (1) person:
    --- 90 min consult = $270
    --- Prep Fee = $90
    --- Total = $360

Stephen will answer
all your questions

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